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How social media can help teach good writing

by Stephen Noonoo October 2017


Get for all Hype Millennials, almost every K-12 student today is part of his successor generation-gen Z-A group, which is more plugged and social than ever. The Internet is in surveys in surveys that enter the inseparable link between children and technology.

According to a common Sense Media Report, on a given day, about 60 percent of the teenage social media use an average of two hours on platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all of which have a great influence in the way You are engaged in writing word.

"I think the students read and write more than ever," says Jeremy Hyler, an English teacher of the eighth grade at Fulton-Mittelschule in Michigan. "Is it quality letter? Not all the time."

Hyler has two books with "From SMS to class: Grammar lessons in a digital age" Join a generation, in which efficiency, humor and graphics media are priority to formal grammar.

Of course, social media plays a large part in the write lessons of Hyler. He realizes that much of the writing that students are informal and social in these days, and so today's write lessons must focus on teaching students, as they manage both registers artfully.

"I'll tell you," I respect the fact that you write in these informal rooms, but I want you to understand that there are these formal spaces you need to learn how to write in the writing "he says." So let's mix them together and talk about them both. "

Even in middle school, Hyer still sees himself students who are fighting with concepts such as appropriate activation and sound, as they navigate between the SMS with friends and tinkers of essays or emails to adults.

"It's a process. It does not happen overnight," says Hyler. "But it's like you're going to learn how to write an argument for the SAT. The more you practice it, the better you get. You see the different rooms and learn how to distinguish between them."

It can explicitly help it. Five years ago, Hyler produced a grammatical template in Google slides to teach concepts like complex sentences. With a mentor text of the curriculum, students analyze a sentence and create for different media and audience.

An example of Jeremy Hylers Social Media Grammar Template

Lately, the classes of the Hyler class of the middle school "The Outsiders" read and adds a sentence for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and Google Docs. Then they talked about what a complex sentence could look like on each platform. "Students like to have it better than having a worksheet boring or repeated, and because I do not say that they have to write informally, says Hyler.

The exercise also gives the students the opportunity to explore their creativity as a writer as well as a user of social media. In order to illustrate the complexity of the sentence: "A student used a picture of a Rubic dice because a Rubic cube is complex," says Hyler. "I never thought. I think of something like a wiring system for an internet network - that's complex for me."

the force of the brevity

If you think about writing on social media, it is natural to think of the informal tweets and status updates that we shoot every day. However, this is a limited view that ignores the entire formal writing we do for wider audiences on websites such as Amazon, Yelp and Airbnb. Literacy Consultant Maggie Roberts refers to this type of writing than our "Review Culture", and says the schools can teach the schools to the students to approach their writing in these rooms not only as a reviewers and consumers - but as a writer.

"There is a real opportunity to teach the power of the shortness - how to pronounce great things with only a few characters," says Roberts, a former employee for reading the teacher College, the project on Columbia University read and Write."How do we want to approach the Word Choice or talk about syntax and clarity of the voice? It is a powerful and productive place to teach these concepts of writing."

Like Hyler Roberts believes that teachers can record one side of the narrative signatures on every social platform to strengthen the student's writing skills and personal voice. On Twitter, the students can use viral tweets as mentor sets to break apart to find out what made them so popular.Instagram and Twitter with whom users provide pictures and short videos in addition to minimal text to convey ideas, one To offer new people to creative writing.

In particular, she points to the work of the Chicago teacher Gregory Michie, whose work with students mixes a written text with hand-drawn artwork, video and music. "All this is storytelling," says Roberts. "It's the whole mix of pictures and words - it's fast small videos or snapshots. That's a story that says a writer."

Of course there is still a place for longform essays and the formal writing, and a strong writing instruction will effectively integrate both, she says. "Instead of the trench that teaches the micro-writing, it is more of a and that you can write micro," says Roberts. "It's an extension."

learn how students

In their role as a literacy consultant, Roberts often leads groups of write teachers in professional development workshops in which she encourages the teachers to try the writing orders they allow students for themselves. But first she has studied them the role that formal and informal language games in their own letter.

"I have the teachers who break out their phones and examine the last lyrics they sent," says Roberts. "The goal is to find out:" Who was your audience? Where was your conventional language? Your more conventional shortships? 'Teacher really curious how to engage in these platforms is a really nice first step. "

Then teachers can consider how they could teach digital writing in their classrooms. "The best advice I can give is to respect the students' space, but bring it into your classroom, says Hyler. Tech-detrimental teachers can fight, he gives them, though that, although himself can transform the opportunity to learn.

"If you are not sure how this lesson would go, learn next to your students, beats Hyler." Have you shown them as they write and ask them: "Why are you writing?" In this way there is a lot of power. "

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